Stress free home design

Sitting Room

Stressful situations are impossible to avoid  in the modern world, whether at work, school or during a visit to the mall. A big reason why home should be a sanctuary for all family members to unwind and forget about all their stressful  troubles and responsibilities. Creating Zen living room can be as important as eating healthy, it can be the first step to create an environment that anyone would look forward to be in for relaxation. The sitting room is the first room we encounter when we enter home, as well as your guests, it will define your personality and the view visitors have of you.

Wall Painting

The color of your wall is an essential factor before starting your design, before even choosing the color you should have already decided, the color of your furniture and rugs in order to balance the big picture. The wall painting should made of a light color, white is a dull color but it can help balance darker furniture and  help the sun spread trough the room. A light eggshell color can be a good choice, especially if you have some brown or red furniture.

Furniture Shape

Before choosing the type of furniture, you should mind the shape of your sitting room. A rectangular room give’s more freedom to build your dream room, while a square one, or other limited shape’s, might force you to settle with the more traditional 3 pieces couch. A sectional couch should be install in a wide rectangular room, otherwise you crowding yourself or wasting some space by creating empty blind space’s.

The Coffee table

The coffee table is your center piece, just because it’s in the center of your sitting room and it is always in you line of sight, weather your watching TV or having a lunch. An unsuitable coffee table can spoil the whole room for you, no matter how beautiful the rest is. Bare that in mind when you shopping.

Here’s some sitting idea’s you could use, also showy show’s that a stressful home make’s people eat more which will result in failure for any diet or healthy life style.

“There’s is a lot of steps before the first step to success”

White Wall’s

stress free living room apartment-living-room-decoration-on-classic-home-design-x
Zen-Living-Room-Design-De-clutter-Color-and-Furniture-2, stress free living room
stress free living room simple-modern-living-room-designs-small-s-wit-x-new-rooms-design-spaces-space
stress free living roomapartment-decorating-ideas-small-studio-home-interior-design-l-bdadee

Egg Shell Wall’s

egg shell walls stress free living-room-colors-top-color-palettes-with-best-for-amazing
egg shell walls stress free top-living-room-colors-and-paint-ideas-dining-fresh-kbrown-rend-hgtvcom
egg shell wall's stress free living room Zen-Living-Room-Design-De-clutter-Color-and-Furniture-13

Green Wall’s

green walls stress free living roominterior-idea-for-green-living-room
green walls stress free living room Elegant-green-living-rooms-HD9B13
green wall's stress free living room west-seattle-four-square-guest-room-paint-color-went-with-a-earth-living-colors-is-luxury-interior-green-excerpt-rooms-fleur-de-lis-home-decor_two-tone-room-colors_photos-of-bathroo

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