Learn From The Mistakes Of Others

The vast majority of us suffers when we decide to hit the gym with the sole intention to look better or to return our body to the shape of our past, then we get frustrated by the lack of progress. Regardless of how many hours at the gym, no matter how many time we starve ourselves thinking we know better, well we don’t. Like any aspect of our lives, we need teaching, knowledge from others that have tried and face failure numerous time, but they learn gradually a better way, a faster way for rapid weight loss or muscle gain. And its there online, a keyboard away.


The best way to change our body is to confuse your body with exercises that force him pump more energy in a short period of time, A shortcut many adept of the gym world have adopted as theirs.

In the video bellow, @parischardonnayfit is gonna show us a set of exercises she loves to perform it weekly, and she’ll swear to its rapid benefits. Before you attack it beware, it will exhaust you quickly as it is a test of endurance for your whole body.

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