Shoulder and neck Pain Easy secret “YOGA”

Most of us complain about back pain in a good portion of our life, we look for medicine, buy expensive mattresses, but what about the neck and shoulder, it is also an important target connected to the back. Neck and shoulder are connected to your spine, the main part of your back that help you stand straight, walk or run, however must people suffer from lower back pain but what they do not understand is that in many cases the pressure from the top can stress out the lower portion of the spine and the slip-disc, creating inflammation which is associated with a back pain.

What’s Pain?

Pain is a warning of a problem that needs attention like check engine light in your car, by taking medicine you just ignoring the warning, not knowing that your are actually hurting yourself everyday when you ignore it. You need to address the problem of your back, from your neck to your ties, it need’s to be reinforced with exercises based on that area, gym is a good idea, but for me it is Traditional yoga.

Classic Yoga

Traditional Yoga from Guru BaBa Ramdev has help me fix many aspects of my life ; for example managing the pain, better endurance, a stronger back literally and a straight fit silhouette. Yoga helps you stand better, take the stress and anxiety out, and the best part of it , it helps you live better longer. I have heard of some yoga gurus in India, performing amazing things with their bodies and .at the age of 80 years old.

Yoga Cure For Neck and Shoulder Pain

Here’ a short video of 3 important poses that you can perform twice a day, do it when you in pain or your planning to prevent it, however the case, do not stop doing it. After some time you can reduce it to 1 once a day or 3 time a week and also try upgrading to higher level of yoga when you have built up endurance and elasticity for your body.

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