how to plan the kids morning with no stress

How to prepare your kids faster for school every morning

We get that, all parents understand the war zone happening in your house every morning, the stress, repeating instructions, running after the kids, preparing breakfast and lunch, and all that by keeping a calm head. For some parents it became possible and enjoyable, simply by imposing a discipline routine onto themselves and their kids. Any technique chance of success must start by the motivation and organization of the parents, not the kids.

“Be calm and patient, when the captain broke down, the whole ship broke down.”

One think to remember before taking on those technique, patience and calm is primordial to achieve a conclusive result on teaching your kids self management in the morning, if the captain broke down so is the whole ship.

Create time pieces for every task.

My daughter and son must be at school before 9:00 AM and they usually wake up at 8:00 AM, so I created a mix of their favorites songs, organize them in order, therefor every song represent a task and at the end of every song it’s time to pass to the next task.

For example, Twinkle little star represent Teeth brushing, when the next song starts it’s time to put on pants and Sox.

Reorganize the way you do lunch and breakfast

Breakfast preparation and consumption take’s more time than any other early morning task. Try preparing lunch the night before and choose mostly edible cold food, like sandwiches, fruits, granola bars and yogurt bottles. For the breakfast, mobile food like muffins or pop tarts and most importantly Pediasure multivitamins drink (shake containing supplement vitamins and minerals.

Plan apparels in advance

To avoid running around the house looking for a missing sock, shoe or mittens during short morning time, prepare everything in advance at night. Hang coats, hats and mittens together, collect 5 or 6 pairs of Sox inside a plastic bag then hang it at the shoe closet front door. Do not forget to plan for the week clothing choices, if you select 5 sets of clothes Sunday afternoon, your kid will choose his own clothes daily, without him being frustrated because he can’t find a clean shirt inside the pile of clothes on the floor.

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