Congratulation, your about to enter the fatherhood community, a better version of yourself is about to enter the world, feel blessed and be thankful, because many wishes to be but dad’s but  can’t be for various reasons. You are excited to meet the little one, however please do not think that it is going be an easy walk at the park, quite the contrary. You see, your wife is about to experience one the most intense event of her life, a wide array of emotional and physical distress is about to hit her on the D day, and your job is to be ready and available. Unbearable pain, instant internal body change, the feeling that she’s about to die and you just standing there with a dumb face.

Prepare yourself to experience the worst version of your wife, your patience and understanding is crucial and vital for her and the baby, take all insult, punch, bites, humiliation inside. You have no reason to make this day about you, your feelings and pain are irrelevant now, because just like your wedding it’s about her only.

“You are the CEO of pain relieve by any mean necessary”

  • She will insult you in ways you never been insulted:

It’s a good thing, she needs to find a way to reduce the pain of the contraction by focusing on something else, and that thing is you since you are a bit responsible. Accept all attacks with no argument and be there.

  • She will try to punch or bite you:

She’ll try to hit you with everything she can, bite you, punch you or kick you, make your body available to her, do not flinch and take the abuse with no whining, it is another way for her to focus away from her pain, and that is your job, CEO of pain relieve.

  • What Not to Say

This is where things can get worse or better, every word coming out of your mouth has more effect than you think, way more than you think. Do not ask about how she’s feeling, you know how she’s feeling so please do not ask obvious stupid question. Do not say that you feel her pain, because you don’t and probably never will, also studies have proven that a man is not built to bare that level of pain.

  • What to say

Please make her realise that you are there for her and not for yourself, say that “you wish you can share that pain with her”,  “she is a strong women and she’s doing great”, “you love her so much”, “What can I do, do you need anything”, and remind her regularly of the little baby that is about to come out. When it is about time to push, lie by saying that it’s nearly there, that you can see the head. All those words will give her the momentum needed.


If you think your wedding day was stressful, well your better brace yourself for the anxiety rush that is about to hit you, you will fear for the life of the most important beings of your life, do not fall under the pressure, so except for the worst and hope for the best. You will do great, hopefully better than me with my first child, I did not have a single clue.

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