Tips From Instagram Workout Superstar @suzie_kb

@suzie_kb has more than half million followers, tuning daily to her fit workout video advices and thousands of people got the motivation and inspiration they needed to finally hit the gym. To be a successful fitness model on social media is about as easy as running 20 miles day after day, only the discipline warriors can accomplish it and love it.

The Glutes HomeStyle

And today we are going to share one of her video fitness targeting the lower body, specifically the Glutes (Buttocks). We hope this video will help those that don’t have the time for a gym session or simply prefer losing some weight at home before integrating the gym community. Regardless of your situation, workout is crucial to build your self-esteem, prevent future depression, and get rid of your daily stress or anxiety.

And remember to perform those exercise repetitions till your reach your limits, it doesn’t matter if you can only 2 or 3 reps today, maybe tomorrow you’ll do 6 and the next 12 and on. Your body will learn and get stronger, only your will can stop you. Tags : how to build muscles without gym, back workouts, workout plans

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