cuddling release you from stress, depression and anxiety
cuddling release you from stress, depression and anxiety

Women’s love cuddling, Men prefer sex

It is widely praised that physical affection of love has many benefits for your health, it reinforces your bond with your best friend, your partner, and helps reduce the grip of many ignored silent killers. We are talking about stress, anxiety and depression, all of them can have a dangerous effect to your body and mind if not tackled.

We know life is filled with unpleasant situations a people, and we have the bad habits to carry the heavy burden of those moments deep inside us, wich can lead to depression. Other’s in the other isle, are more outspoken and lash out when they feel that its just not possible to let it go, caring too much can create anxiety.

All of them need to be treated at some point to avoid self destruction, and prescription designated for each of them are available at any pharmacy, but the frightening word for those medicines is “ADDICTION”


cuddle will cure from stress anxiety and depression, lower cancer risk

Women love’s Cuddling

  • Boost the Immune System
  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Lessen social anxiety
  • A stronger relationship
  • Weaken the depression grip

When couples cuddle in bed, the man have this impression of snuggling as a beginning of foreplay before it leads to sex, many times wrong but not all the time, cuddling is usually performed after sex, so if your partner wants to cuddle and you didn’t had sex yet, it means just cuddle. Do it for her sake and yours’s or her pile of stress will be blowing your head in the morning.


Men’s prefer sex

  • Helps keep the immune system on point
  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Lessen stress
  • It is an exercise, better heart
  • Improve blood pressure

Now ladies, men are weakened by the gift of being ready for action at any place or time, which is a leverage women’s can use against them. Ladies can reduce the actions in bed for making a point, teaching a lesson or maybe they don’t feel attracted to their partners anymore. Whatever the reason, reflect carefully of those actions, otherwise you are helping to build a ticking bomb right next to you. Many men are horrified of the thought of cheating, so they masturbate occasionally to release negativity, it’s called the “mercy jerk” do not judge them. But for the rest, if you truly loved them please do not shutdown for more than a week at a time, or else thanks to your help he will die way earlier than you.

Intercourse for once to twice a week, is healthy enough to provide benefits for both gender. It is natural less dangerous than anti-depressor or other pills that will make you a slave, because you body will react only to those pills if problems arise and you can’t stop.

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