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Yoga can definitely cure your back pain

Here is a post where I am sharing a personal moment of my life, where I was suffering of surging lower back pain. Back this summer, we decided to move from our small town of 100 000 souls to a big city of 2 000 000 heads 4 hours away. We used a moving company for most of our possessions, but we decide to transport the valuable and fragile items ourselves with our truck and van. In total we made 4 back and forth trip to finalize our move, that is 32 hours of driving in 4 days. Driving for long hours can force your lower back into an unsettle position than can create inflammations and Slip Disk issues.

A few days later, I was suffering of a lower back pain, but not a regular back pain but of unbearable lower back pain that some days, brought me to tears. It lasted for weeks, doctor prescription, acetaminophen abuse (pain killer), massage and chiro were helpful for only for a short time, I was desperate.


The solution

The only permanent fix was found on YouTube after looking in video tutorial for hours, finally I stumbled on a video of the yoga guru Baba Ramdev. He is a well know and admired Indian guru inside the international Yoga platform. After following his advice about the special poses targeting the lower back, it took only 4 days for the pain to disappear, PERMANENTLY.

  1. To succeed, those exercises should be performed twice a day, until the pain is no more.
  2. I’ll advise you to continue even after the pain disappear, it will strengthen your back for the future.

back pain yoga cure position
Do not lift your head. Bring your knee up to your chest and wait between 5 to 10 seconds for each knee.
back pain yoga cure position
Take a 3 seconds break between each turn, again 5 to 10 seconds 2 reps for each side.
back pain yoga cure position
Chin up and lift as much as you can, don’t over do it, 5 seconds, 3X times
back pain yoga cure position
Lift your hand and leg as much as you can , as long as you can. Don’t over do it, tomorrow will be easier.


Each pose should be performed as slow as you can, for the purpose of  stretching your back and your spine , do 1 session in the morning and 1 during the evening.

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