Glute-Bridge relieve of ABS PAIN AFTER WORKOUT
Glute Bridge Helps After An Intense Abs Workout

The necessity of Glude Bridge

Let’s say that you just completed and intense core workout or handle a no equipment exercises targeted to your abs and you worked yourself to exhaustion. In any case you push yourself to your limits with pride because you can now feel the heat into your abs muscles. But do not stop there and carelessly ignore some recovery exercise’s that can reduce the risk of back issues and completely scramble your week routine, that’s when Glude Bridge enters the room.


What is glude Bridge

Glude Bridge is for your back what chocolate milk is for your muscles after a workout, it helps for recovery. Of course, many of you will question the purpose of a butt exercise in all this, at first it sounds questionable, why would I do that? Well during your core exercises, either if its sit ups, crunches or others, a certain tension develop into your lower back, which can cause pain if not taking care of.

Glude Bridge will stretch your spine after an abs workout

Glutes Bridge basically stretch the spine in the other side, contradicting the abs workout position, it helps reinforce and balance your lower back and pelvic. It is an exercise recommended by most trainers around the world, and their advice is to complete with this exercise at the end of each workout session or right after an abs exercise. And as you main know, Glude Bridge is design to shape the muscle of  your butt called Glude.



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