4 Miraculous detox drinks and its so delicious
4 Miraculous detox drinks and its so delicious

The Purpose of Detoxing

Detoxing is a crucial process the body needs to go trough to function properly as long as possible, many cultures around the world perform it in different ways. Muslims detox themselves during a month called “Ramadan”, 30 days of a complete daily fasting, followed by evening diets of water, fruits and vegetables, also the Christian season of Lent or the Jewish Yom Kippur. Detoxing helps your body detox the organs from harmful deposits and clean up your vessels from cloths. A better blood circulation is the solution to avoid cancer, even if you prone to it because of your kin.

But you don’t need to fast in order to detox, even if regular fasting is more efficient, you can basically consume aliments that helps taking the trash out of your system, like concocting a mix of healthy aliments together, which in many occasion tastes awful and makes non-motivated individuals to quit easily. The Most efficient one a torture to ingurgitate, they have a dreadful look that makes you shiver. Obviously, being healthy require pain and unpleasant actions, but not all the time.

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4 amazing and delicious detox drinks


Lemon : supports weight loss, good source of vitamin C

GrapeFruit : Boosts Metabolism, Strengthens Immune System,

Cucumber: Aids in weight loss, Flushes out toxins.

Mandarin:  Lower blood pressure levels, assisting in weight loss.

Blueberry: King of Antioxidant Foods, Reduce DNA Damage.

Strawberries: Boost brain function, promote weight loss, help in preventing birth defects.

Watermelon:  Lower Inflammation and Oxidative Stress, Help Relieve Muscle Soreness.

Mint : Treats Nausea & Headache, Reduces Depression & Fatigue.

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