The D day is lurking around, after 8 long months of pain and impatience, you just can’t wait to meet the little one. You have prepare everything, the nursery, the baby products and clothes, you have never been that organize, But not everything. More than 60% of new parents underestimate the outside carry-on products, like baby carrier or a diaper change stand, new technology brought us upgraded devices, making it easier to be a mother or a father.


Beth-Bear-0-30-Months-Breathable-Front-Facing-Baby-Carrier-4-in-1-Infant-Comfortable-Sling (1)

The 4 in 1 baby carrier

This comfortable carrier will make your life easier, interchangeable in many positions,especially when you feel your muscle are hurting or its time to feed the baby without getting it out.

  • 4 carrying position modes: Chest way, kangaroo style, back carry, cross arm carry
  • Adjustable shoulder belt, double-protection safety buckle lock, 3D ventilating back pad
  • High quality durable comfortable fabric, polyester/cotton material, safe and exquisite design
  • Wide padded straps for the relief of Baby’s weight, helps prevent back ache
  • Easy to operate and adjust it, flexible carrying position. Suitable for carrying 3-30 months old baby kid.


available in Amazon for $26.99



The Diaper Changer Bag 2 in 1

Many Baby diaper bag have extra compartment for everything, but here is the extra baby changer stand. Containing most of the space for diapers, baby bottles and food, this bag can spread open and transform itself into a diaper changer or a crib when out at the park.

4 functions in 1 of this baby shower gift baby travel bed and bag for parents: a necessary portable and convenient life saver for on-the-go parents, which combines with diaper bag, portable baby changing station, travel baby bassinet and quick nap crib for the little on.

available in Amazon for $44.96


Baby Carrier Wrap Slings
  • Premium Cotton + Spandex. Midwives recommend Baby Wraps for Newborns and Preemies. Keep your baby snug with skin contact. Helps in soothing your baby as they listen to your heartbeat.
  • BABY CARRIER WRAP SLINGS : New Parents, Veteran Parents, Grandparents & Guardians agree we offer the best baby carrier wrap for newborns or baby shower gifts. This super soft cotton/spandex blend is gentle to the touch, yet firm enough to keep your baby in place. Works with infants all the way to toddler age
  • ERGONOMIC VERSATILE 4 IN 1 DESIGN : There are many baby carrier wraps you can use with a stretchy wrap, but even the basics have you covered however you like to carry. Front facing inward, front facing outward, hip carry and ruck sack sling; whichever way your baby likes to take in the world, the NimNik Baby Wrap can accommodate
  • BABY LISTENS TO YOUR HEARTBEAT : Forging a close bond with your infant is vital to their development. Our baby sling carrier keeps baby close to your warm body & heartbeat where they feel safe & secure. For newborn – 35 lbs


available in Amazon for $29.97

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